Walter Dexter RBA (1876 – 1958)

King’s Lynn artist

Walter Dexter RBA

Walter Dexter outside The Valiant Sailor
Walter Dexter outside The Valiant Sailor

Still life: Flowers and stoneware jug
An early work emulating the style of the old Flemish Masters

At an exhibition in King’s Lynn of Walter Dexter’s work in 2008, to mark the 50th anniversary of his death, it seemed that whilst everyone had an opinion about his work, no one knew anything very much about the man himself, his life and what shaped him.

Apart from being an artist with a keen following in Norfolk, Walter Dexter was mostly known for two things. He taught at King Edward Seventh School at King’s Lynn and he died as a result of an accident involving a motorcycle on the Saturday Market Place in King’s Lynn.

I felt his life deserved a more in depth study and set out to find out about Walter Dexter...

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Period railway poster

Railway poster

An illustration from ‘Some Literary Associations of East Anglia’

An illustration from ‘Some Literary Associations of East Anglia’

One of the many poems by Walter Dexter:

In Praise of Norfolk

Norfolk don’t fare to change much, do she?
On England’s verge, yet English to the core,
Unique and isolate; the madding crowd
Does pass her by. She does not deign to turn
But placidly pursues her self same way;
Ploughs, sows, and reaps, and gathers in her store
Dreams neither of a past nor future day
Incurious; her life’s unchanging norm,
Traditions rock, withstands the rending storm
Of battling theories, both new and strange -
This peaceful refuge in a world of change